Knitting all the Day

I have a recommendation for you today: Melanie Gall’s album of knitting music “Knitting all the day“. If you did not know it, Melanie is half of the knitting podcast ” The Savvy Girls” that she records, often over vast distances with her sister Deborah, she is also a classically trained soprano. If you want to know more about Melanie, visit her website.

About the music, it is songs about knitting from the first world war, when people were encouraged to help knit socks and hats and other warm things for the soldiers. Some are funny and some are serious and sad, but her voice is beautiful, it gives me goosebumps and I love it. It is so interesting to be able to listen to music from another time and to think about and try to understand how things were then. Also, don’t you want to hear the song with the line “Id like to thank her for the hose, they are bigger than my underclothes” in it?

I listen to this while dyeing yarn and knitting, singing along loudly when no one but me can hear.😀

I’ll continue writing about the podcast in another post.

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