The Bunny Shearing

The shearing went well, the bunnies are fine and definitely smaller, they seem happier and more agile now. I am definitely not an expert, this was my second time, so it looks a bit wonky, but the fur is off and no other parts of bunny so I’ll call this a success.  And they are so stinking cute, and soft, so soft.

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3 thoughts on “The Bunny Shearing

  1. Hi. It looks like you have German Angoras? I started with a German about a year and a half ago, but I have switched to French, mostly because they don’t have as much foot wool. I en up shearing, too, and it always takes me multiple sittings.

    • Hi! They are a mix between English and German, and believe me they have lots and lots of foot wool.😉 But I only have these two, as much as pets as for the wool, so its not that much work shearing them. There is not that much to choose from here in Sweden when you are wanting to get an angora, so I just went with a breeder that I liked. 🙂

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