I got my first loop batt today! In the color way Full Bloom. The preparations looks wonderful, though I haven’t started spinning it yet. The packaging is great, there is even a little jacket strap closey thing on the plastic bag. And I got a little sample batt too, in lovely dark and mysterious colors. I love when there is a little surprise in a package. The shipping over the atlantic to Sweden was very fast too.

I have a special relationship to colors, it has been sugested that I have synesthesia, which seems very likely, so colors and combinations of colors have a very clear and direct meaning for me. Which is a great advantage when I dye yarn, and probably also why I enjoy it so much. But what I was trying to get at is that Stephs (the person behind loop) colors really “speak”😉 to me, I love them and I had a really hard time choosing just one. I am very happy with my choice now though!🙂

3 thoughts on “Loop!

    • Just follow the links and you will find loops etsy page, join her newsletter to get to know when the updates are, and you might have a chanse to snag something.🙂

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