Extended Bunny Home

My husband and I ventured out yesterday to find a good outdoor bunny cage to use as an extension to the existing bunny cage. We found a great one, husband got a big bruise on his leg, being all manly carrying the box,🙂 and it was on sale and everything. Then we spent the whole afternoon/evening building the thing and trying to figure out a bunny safe way to attach the two cages. We ended up removing the wire mesh on one side and then, using really strong outdoor fabric, stapled them together. It worked great, no sharp edges left at all and they really love the extended space. The new smaller cage now hold the litter tray and the food and hay, so hopefully most of the mess will be contained to this easy to clean area. They learned quickly where the food was and that the litter tray was moved, there is a little poop here and there but already much cleaner in the other “play” areas.

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