New Yarn!

newyarnI am testing out the new soft yarn that is going to be for sale on Friday, probably as my Wednesday Base. It is a fluffy 2ply 100% super wash merino, I wanted to offer my customers something that is a bit softer. It is definitely soft and fluffy and it takes dye beautifully, like a sponge. It is perfect for hats, mittens, shawls and more delicate socks. It is not a tight ply, so it will not wear as well for socks as my Monday base, but it keeps lots of air and is nice and warm.

I am, as I hope you know, very very particular about what yarn I offer for sale. The Monday base is the best possible base I can think of for socks, and a tad expensive therefore. It is very hard wearing with 25% nylon, but it is still thick, fluffy and soft enough to be nice agains the skin. The best sock yarn I could possibly find, in my opinion. But I see the need for something softer also, so the Wednesday base have to have other qualities, like softness, air retention, looks and feel, qualities better suited for scarfs, hats and mittens.

I hope you want to give it a try, I am certainly falling in love with it!🙂

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