Jelly Roll Race!

First an explanation: A Jelly Roll, in quilting terms, is a bunch, usually 40, of matching 2,5 inch strips the width of the fabric, usually 44 inches, presented in a rolled up “cake”. Picture in the slide show. A Jelly Roll Race, is when you sew all the strips together very fast, creating a beautiful quilt top in under an hour. Since a Jelly Roll consists of already matching fabrics, it is fail prof! You start with sewing all the strips together to one long strip, then you cut of 18 inches of one end, put the two ends together, right sides together and sew the whole thing together. When you come to the end you cut at the fold. Then you take the two ends, right sides together and sew down the whole thing and cut at the fold, repeat until you have a reasonable quilt shape.

This was great fun to do, took no time at all, and turned out beautiful. The pictures are not great, but I’ll take better ones when I have finished the thing, black fabric and batting is on the way!πŸ™‚

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