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  1. i am in love with all of your yarn. i noticed you suggest to use it as sock yarn, i crochet and was wondering do you think it would be appropriate to use your yarn as a blanket yarn? is it considered similar to a 1 or 2 weight yarn?

    • I am so glad you like my yarn! The yarn is usually used as sock yarn, but I se no problem with using it for a crochet blanket. I don’t know what size 1 or 2 weight yarn is, but I would say a size 2-3 mm hook would be appropriate.

  2. I also really like your yarn, but I mostly crochet (I’m learning to knit). I was thinking it would also work well for a crocheted shawl or shawlette, or a lacy scarf. Do you think it would work for that?

    I also have a question about your yarn club. Please forgive me if you’ve got it posted but I can’t find it. :o). Is the price per month or for all three months together? I’m not sure I can afford it this time, but would like to know for future reference.

    God bless…

    • I think the yarn would do great for a crocheted little shawl.🙂 There is 425 m in a hank and that is enough for a knitted shawlette, so I guess it works for crochet to, though I don’t crochet much myself so I have not tried.
      The price listed (80$) plus the shipping is for all three months. You make one payment for the whole three months.🙂 I hope you will join one of my clubs when you feel you can afford it. Best Regards

  3. Thank you for your quick response. I really appreciate it. My birthday a little over a month after Christmas, so maybe I can talk my husband into a three month membership for that, either this time around or the next (for Easter? LOL). God bless and keep up the great work!

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